About our coffee

Café Palmira is a medium roasted coffee that has a clean, full body with a smooth finish. Café Palmira is a shade grown coffee, grown at approximately 1500 meters, ideal conditions for producing the best coffee. Shade grown coffee creates more biodiversity and bird habitat with less need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This practice prevents deforestation and does not disturb existing wildlife.

Cafe Palmira

The Palacios family and local workers.

Better than fair:
Café Palmira is not a certified fair trade coffee. Although we encourage you to purchase fair trade products, you can still feel great about purchasing Café Palmira, as it comes directly from the Palacios family farm, eliminating the middle-man. Café Palmira is hand picked and selected by the Palacios family and local Mayan families, who have worked alongside the Palacios for decades. Your purchase directly helps the Palacios family and their workers continue to provide great tasting coffee by using traditional methods of coffee cultivation and for this, we thank you.